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We The Wild - Organic House Plant Care

Foolproof formulas that are packed full of beneficial bacteria and fungi to help your houseplants thrive like they would in nature! Rely We The Wild for strong roots, vigorous growth, and resilient houseplants through every season, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Eangee - Handmade & Eco Friendly Décor 

The basic frame of the butterfly is created using tin, which is powder-coated with a black finish and makes this piece safe to use outdoors. The front of this piece is adorned in areas with capiz shell, an oyster native to the Philippines, before being hand-painted and sealed with a water-based sealant. The capiz shell subtly replicates the reflective qualities of butterflies in nature.

Burley Clay Pottery - Celebrating 100 Years

Burley Clay is located in Roseville, OH.  Once the home of many stoneware manufactures, Burley is now our only source for locally made garden ware.  They use a unique blend of the finest clay from southern OH mines. Burley creates custom made bird baths and garden planters.