Summer Lawn Care
Tips for a healthy, green lawn from
Best Feeds Garden Centers

At Best Feeds Garden Centers, lawn care is one of our specialties and at our Wildwood Road and Babcock Blvd. locations we have many products to help.   Summer Lawn Care begins by answering some basic questions around when to begin and what steps should be taken.

Summer Insect Control

Jonathan Green’s Summer Survival Insect Control with Lawn Fertilizer is used to eliminate surface-feeding insects from lawns. Summer Survival can be used on the lawn and in landscape beds to kill and control over 15 surface-feeding insects including but not limited to: chinch bugs, billbugs, ticks, fleas, armyworms, ants, sod webworms, and centipedes. This fertilizer also reduces insect entry into the home when it is applied within a 6 – 10 foot radius of the structure. The fertilizer in this product contains controlled release nitrogen which keeps grass greener longer and will never burn the lawn when used as directed. Please note that Summer Survival Insect Control does not kill grubs. Instead, use Jonathan Green Grub & Insect Control when grubs become a problem.

What About Grubs

Jonathan Green Grub & Insect Control protects lawns from insect damage from top to bottom. Grubs can destroy lawns by eating grass roots, especially soon after hatching when their appetite is at its peak. It is easiest to kill grubs in mid-spring before they lay their eggs or in late summer once the eggs of the next generation have hatched. This two-part premium formula contains Merit®, an insecticide that kills grubs deep down in the soil, where the lawn roots are growing. It also contains lambda-cyhalothrin to achieve excellent control of surface-feeding insects such as ants, fleas, crickets, chinch bugs, earwigs, and ticks.

Organic Control

The main difference between organic and synthetic products is that organics take loner to become effective.  Jonathan Green’s Organic Insect Control kills over 100 surface feeding insects such as chinch bugs, fleas, ticks and ants. This proprietary blend of natural plant oils repels crawling insects without synthetic toxins or the residue of non-organic ingredients. This product is safe to use around children and pets and will not harm the environment.

Plants produce oils that provide them with a natural defense against insects. Jonathan Green has combined these oils to create a product with a fresh, natural scent that kills destructive insects quickly, and has strong repellency characteristics to keep insects from coming back. Jonathan Green Organic Insect Control will not harm ladybugs, butterflies or earthworms and has no adverse effect on mammals, birds or fish.

Summer Feeding and Fungus 

Organic lawn food will provide excellent nutrition for your lawn for 8 to 10 weeks. It can be used on established and newly seeded lawns or when sodding. It helps to rejuvenate thin, stressed lawns by adding complex, all-organic high-quality food-grade ingredients, such as feather meal, blood and bone meals, wheat shorts and molasses, that help improve soil structure and the soil’s water holding capacity.
Summer is also a time to watch for lawn fungus outbreaks that tend to strike when nighttime weather is warm (lows of 70°F and above) and humid, or with overwatering.
Systemic fungus control works through the roots of the grass plant and providing both preventative and curative treatment of leaf spot, dollar spot, striped smut, fusarium blight, patch and mold diseases, and more than 20 other turf diseases.

Best Feeds Garden Centers carry Jonathan Green  quality lawn care products. Jonathan Green has specialized in lawn care products since 1881. This brand has been trusted by growers and home owners to produce lush, green, disease free lawns. For more Summer Lawn Care information follow the link to Garden Center/Lawn Care   

Frequently Asked Questions

Are lawn care fertilizers safe of kids and pets?

Organics are safe immediately after application and traditional fertilizers are generally safe after 48 hours. Always check label directions for specific products and applications. 

What are the steps in a four step program?

Early Spring - crabgrass preventer
Late Spring - Fertilizer
Summer - adjust pH
Fall - Feed your soil

Is Lawn Care safe for the environment? 

Lawns benefit the environment.  Lawns produce oxygen, trap dust, absorb pollutants like carbon dioxide, control soil erosion and proper lawn care reduces water usage.   

How are organic lawn care programs different?

True organic programs take time and moisture to break down and work effectively. Synthetic applications are absorbed quickly by lawns and can work in a matter of days.  As long as applied properly, both ae safe for the environment and treat grass the same.