Prune so that plants remain healthy and strong

Spring pruning tips. 

1. At the end of winter remove dead and diseased branches.

2. Work to maintain an open center.  This is especially important for fruit trees. 

 There are 3 types of pruning cuts: heading cut, branch removal (thinning) and reduction.  Current thought is to not treat pruning cuts as this may cause decay or infection. 

4. A proper cut is at 45 degrees , 1/4 inch above a bud. 

5. When making a branch removal cut, it is important to leave the branch collar intact.  Cutting flush with the stem can cause decay.  

6. Reduction cuts are used to reduce the size of a tree or shrub and to redirect growth.  The cut should be made at a slight angle.

7.  A heading cut (or topping cut) is most times used on a fast growing shrub to reduce the overall size and encourage new growth.