Best Feeds Garden Centers carry a variety of snow and ice melting products

Melting snow and ice on driveways and sidewalks is essential for safety.  
There are several types of ice melt commonly used.

1. Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) The most common and inexpensive de-icer.  It works by lowering the freezing temperature of water.  Just remember it becomes less effective as the temperature lowers.  If you aren't in a hurry just spread it evenly and let it do it's thing.   

2. Calcium Chloride.  This de-icer works at lower temperatures than rock salt and is effective to rapidly clear ice and snow. It keeps working after application but is more expensive than rock salt.

3. Magnesium Chloride is similar to calcium chloride because it works at a lower temperature.  It is also less damaging to surfaces and plants compared to rock salt.  

4. Sand - if you are looking to just add traction , sand is your best bet. Just spread on icy surfaces.