Keep your cut tree fresh until after the new year!

5 Tips for Cut Christmas Tree Care

Here at Best Feeds Garden Centers, we are experts in helping our Pittsburgh and Gibsonia customers grow healthy perennials, trees and shrubs successfully,  So when it comes to keeping cut Christmas trees fresh for the holiday season, we have a few tips:

1.  Let's start with the stand.  Make sure the trunk will fit without removing a lot of branches.  Bring the stand with you when you shop - that way you are sure.  We'll trim the end so that you have a fresh cut to absorb water.

2.  Even if you are not decorating today, put the tree in a bucket filled with water - it will keep the tree fresh and the needles plump.  Also, try to keep in a cool place.

3.  When fitting your tree into the stand try not to remove the outer bark layers.  These layers are key for absorbing water.  Trees are always thirsty!  Check the water level in your stand daily. 

4.  Keep your tree away from heat - fireplaces and furnace vents are obvious but direct sunlight will also dry out your tree.  Also, if you are still using traditional c7 or c9 bulbs, the heat from these lights also has a drying effect.

5. Best Feeds Garden Centers recommends treating branches with Wilt Stop.   This product keeps needles from drying out.  Do this while the tree is still outside & before decorating.